Functional Stoneware

Form and function fuse together in individually hand-crafted stoneware pottery by John Macomber. Working hard to develop both the technical and artistic aspects of his craft, John produces pieces which are richly colored, delicately designed and extremely durable. The lightness of weight is due to his masterful techniques on the potters wheel.

Functional Stoneware: Tray, bowls, bean pot

John offers limited editions and custom designed pieces created from special lead-free glaze and clay formulations. He personally performs every step of the pottery process, from mixing and forming the clay, to firing the kiln, to marketing the final product. His decorative and practical stoneware is non-toxic, easily cleaned and safe for dishwasher, oven and microwave use.

Functional Stoneware: Plate and Bowls

Visitors are always welcome at John's studio, where he has a small gallery and also offers instruction of hand-thrown pottery techniques.

Functional Stoneware: Covered Bowl, Soup Tureen, Chip & Dip

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