Classes For Children

We are pleased to offer pottery classes for children, ages 6-14 years old, at Greenleaf Pottery. Taught by Sharon Kehmna, a state certified art instructor and ceramic artist, our classes focus on learning about the properties of clay, as well as pinch, coil and slab techniques for hand building in clay. Wheel-throwing instruction is provided depending on the age of the student.

The program is taught in five 8-week sessions on Saturdays from 8:30 am - 10:00 am. The cost of a session is $160/child, and includes use of all tools, clay, glazes, and firings.

Come join the fun and experience the opportunity for creative expression through the exciting medium of clay. No prior experience necessary.



      Child Potter

To sign up, please:

  1. Open the Application Form PDF icon (200KB)
  2. Print the Form
  3. Complete the Form
  4. Mail in the Application Form with your deposit, or drop it off at Greenleaf Pottery.

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